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With a ten-year pedigree in Japanese cooking under our belts, in 2002, we embarked on a journey to bring Japanese-inspired cuisines to our guests. One year later, we opened Sushi X, the first restaurant in Chicago solely focused on providing quality sushi via delivery.

Along the way we questioned nearly every aspect of our delivery service – from the moment our guests place an order, to the packaging, to the quality of our condiments, to the speed in which our food is delivered. Since opening Sushi X we’ve built an awesome clientele, implemented a dynamic dining area to accommodate our ever-growing patronage, trained numerous chefs who’ve gone on to build their own successful ventures, catered hundreds of exciting events, all the while staying hugely popular in our flourishing West Loop/West Town neighborhood.

Our fundamental thoughts on the guest experience and cuisine have not changed and can be summed up as exciting, delicious, and affordable. Maintaining that goal, however, requires creativity, hard work, and a crew of ambitious people who are passionate about innovation in both the culinary and business arts.

At Sushi X, we take pride in our work and despite thirteen years of success—still deep in the honing process. To remain committed to bringing the best Japanese-inspired food at your table or to your home, is our goal—and we strive for nothing less!


Thank you so much for your patronage!
– Brandon, Steve and Vi